I became the color
I became the daughter and the son
When the feast is over
Welcome to another one

I lay my body down, down
Down upon the water
Wrapped up in the clothes of
My mother and my father

Oh this is longing
And I wanna be complete
I was waiting around my little girs seat
I had hunger, a mouthful of M&Ms
You'd do anything just to get rescued
I had longing isn't it the key?
Take take
Taste taste taste taste
Tastes sweet
They say I'd gone south
I'd gone asunfer
They don't know hunger
What I been under
You are all laughing
Thought I was ... I was just free

We were ready to behave
But there's no freedom without ...

Oh no no take me from my mysery
There's no such thing as living comfortably
There's no such thing as going home
I'm not home, found myself alone

We were ready to behave
But there's no freedom without ...






Emily Wells在美國德州出生,並於1990年舉家搬遷至印第安納州。








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